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Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 so far!

A black and white theme at The Vintage Wedding fayre in Dublin, we were really loving the 'nude' wedding cake that has been trending on Pinterest!
the ribbon wedding cake is the wedding cake of 2013 
the new edible window box by Anu Green at the cafe, loaded with herbs and decorative grasses,  
local strawberry and ricotta cheese salad with diva poppyseed dressing

Here are a few photo's of what we've been up to so far, I know the blog has been kicked to the side, so I am trying to be a little more pro active about posting!  Even if it's just a few pictures and a few words, with a recipe...  I have had a lot of response to the Hidden Costs blog post which you can read here .
And people are wanting a Hidden Costs part 2,  so keep an eye out for that, it will be a pretty detailed post since I've had 3 more years under my belt... In the meantime I hope you like some of these pictures and hopefully we will be seeing you in the cafe or bakery!

the most recent vintage wedding fair in cork, we did a woodland picnic theme table
a lattice top berry pie for the vintage wedding fair

pork and apple pies
ummera smoked salmon eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise 
catering tapas platters for off site catering

bailey's chocolate cake

paddy's day cookies

the handmade croissants are here to stay!

we became the first retailer of abernethy hand churned butter in cork! 

we are selling our fresh baked breads and cakes to the black pig wine bar in kinsale!

wedding cake tasting for the bride and groom

more ribbon wedding cakes!

a wedgewood inspired wedding cake with chocolate ad peanut grooms cake

in memory of hostess cakes, the hostess cupcake!

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