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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

day one...making the starters...

today we have come into a freezing cold cafe.
we are making the starters for: croissants, danish, a beautiful wheaten loaf, kalamata olive bread, butter dipped fluffy dinner rolls and a sweet potato sandwich loaf..the sweet potato loaf is the same as a white sandwich loaf with a hint of the beautiful sweet potato colour...
it is bloody freezing in here!! i don't know about you in the rest of the world but this has been the coldest winter in Ireland in like, 50 nose is cold and my fingertips are numb while typing this!!
for those of you that are interested on the savoury side of the cafe, we will be introducing a new concept to Diva...borrowed from one of our favourite cafe's in Seattle, the Coastal Kitchen...each month we will feature food from a new country or a region in a country.. for example, we will be opening the cafe with our feature month being Tex-Mex. We will be changing the dishes daily and will have sweets and savouries, as well as music....
Another change to our menu will be a small plates section... for those of you who might only want something small to eat...we will keep ou posted on the new items on the menu...
In addition to our world food spotlight and small plate section we will continue to serve up your favourite Diva dishes!
sweet potatoes are roasting. ttfn


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