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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the f*%^*ng freezer!!!

hi there...the freezer, the freezer...the fucking is still not working...yes, we can do without it...and we have, but it just means that we cannot get frozen berries for smoothies, freeze extra pastry.. ie: at the cafe we have a baking schedule, one day is puff pastry, one day is croissant dough another is brioche day along with the daily bread...the pastry day we make 40 to 50 croissants proof them and then freeze them...then bake them off fresh each morning, same goes for any of our puff pastry...and it also means that we cannot freeze anything that we may have a surplus just sucks...not only does it suck, but it looks like it will cost me another 250 euro..i swear, just when you think you have got ahead of the game, something always crops up..
on a more positive note, we had a great weekend, plenty of happy customers and plenty of staff!!

i am off to bed now...i will be in the kitchen all day tomorrow..pop in if you can..




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