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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ideas and updates...

so shannen has repeatedly brought up to me the idea, of posting baking videos. i think its a good idea but we really havent come up with a consensus on what we are going to video! so ill post ANOTHER poll with a list of recipes that we would like to try out. and whichever wins thatll be the first diva cooking show! should be fun. stay tuned. if you have any ideas of what you'd like to see us make, comment on this post or write it on our facebook page!

also it looks like greek was the most popular world cuisine on our last poll. lets see what shannen whips up in the cafe for the menus special dishes!

thanks again to everyone who came in last weekend. we were busy! im ready after a days rest to et back in there and bake! cake orders are piling in! why not put one in yourself?! 2 days notice is appreciated!

Baking Tip:
if a recipe calls for cake flour(which is much lighter in nature,) try this handy substitute.
take 1 cup of all purpose flour and remove 2T of the flour and sub another 2T of corn flour(corn starch!) its really that easy! remember to sift the flours together, which makes every cake lighter in the end!



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