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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why are our chips so good??

It always amazes me when I go out for dinner or lunch and I get frozen chips, especially from a well known restaurant or even one that is known for its amazing food....So why are ours so good? Because we use real potatoes! Amazing huh? For the little extra time it takes, cutting real potatoes just make such a difference..Also there are a few little tricks to make sure the chips are tasty...

First, soak potatoes in cold water...this gets the starch out, so that as they cook the starch doesnt turn to sugar, when this happens they will brown too quickly....

Next, pat dry...remember water and oil don't mix..!

Now, the double dip! Fry once at a little lower temp....
Let sit for a few min or even hours!

Now for the final fry...cook until golden brown...toss on paper towel..and salt!


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