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Friday, May 28, 2010

i think the craze is already out there!!

the cake bite went really well today, and someone came in and said,"Oh, you guys do cake on a stick? I have heard people talking about you also make those things, I don't know the name, something smashed in between to cookies?" I replied, with a smile..."Oh, you are thinking if Whoppie Pies.." she said "YES! that's it...everyone is talking about those.." Hmmm. I think we just might have to make those...but maybe we will do MoonPies instead...

We also got in some beautiful fresh Dublin Bay prawns....going to try something really yummy this weekend with them...honey, lime and chili, grilled on a stick...come in and see what you think...

Also, to those of you who read this, please give Taylor a little shout out, he is feeling a bit down due to the slow bread sales...they are selling, but not as fast as we would like...on the other hand the cake side of things is brilliant! So, Taylor if you are reading this keep your chin up, the bread is brill!!!

Going dancing now...


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