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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mixed emotions

Well well well....who whould have ever thought...btw this is my first post

I woke up this morning thinking what a crap day lets see if we can make it better...
Got to work.. switched on the PC to my new favorite radio station.....funny enuf called Diva Radio, Funky 70's disco all day long to brighten the mood and it worked... even with the shite(sorry bout that) The bloody freezer is F^$&$£ again.... welll its cleared out now.... and just pointing to Shan's post about hidden costs...this is once again part of that ...some stock has to be throwed away...such a pity as stock wastage is not marked by how much it cost to make but what u can get for it... but yet again on a brighter note, Black bean soup with cumin and jalepeno....AMAZING....pop in for ur bowl today or tomorrow. got some cake bases ready for taylor to frostitute them up.....

All in all did not land up being a bad day at all..

well that was my first post and quite mixed..



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