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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

video tutorials!

so the ball is rolling!

next week (tues) is the first filming of our cooking tutorials.
this has been a long time coming, ill have you know.
probably 2 years... we just never accomplished it. probably from laziness, but i do remember SOME attempts..... some.
anyways, the original theme that we are sticking with is called: Cooking with Queers. since there's alot around and about the cafe.. i.e. working there! and its funny, rude, catchy, and quirky.
we are hoping to bring a bit of humor and fun to cooking, as well as a few tricks.
so really, you have to watch, and tell us what you think!
there might even be drag queen cameos!

we'll see.

the first section is aptly going to be on sauces. yummy ones, easy ones, rich ones. everyone knows that the reason you eat food is to get more sauce into your mouth! never mind the survival thing.....



At June 30, 2010 at 1:49 PM , Anonymous Bobby Buckley. said...

Thank you for your piece on Dereen gardens . I was totally charmed by the gardens and the surrounding scenery last week . We were so fortunate to have such lovely weather. You also had the treat of the rhododendrons being in full bloom.


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