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Thursday, May 6, 2010

new rolling pin

i woke up last night and realized that my wrists hurt. and ive been actually waiting for this to happen..... being a baker requires manual labor, these days bakeries have tools to help with the strain this field causes on the body i.e. sheeter machines that roll dough out for you. we are still in the 50's, we use the ol' rolling pin, which is fine! i like being that much more hands on with the dough. except our rolling pins are dinky, and weigh nothing! we really need a heavy ass rolling pin, preferably 10 pounds, if im going to keep rolling croissants and puff pastry at the pace im going! or we need to up the price of our pastry to pay for my future carpel tunnel surgery! 25% of sales go to future doctor visits! ha. instead, ive been online searching or rolling pins all day.

desperately seeking commercial rolling pin,


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