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Sunday, March 28, 2010

fire alarm

last night while writing our last post. the fire alarm went off, at around 12:00am!
the building has a alarm system for the 3 spaces that share the property (us, 1 apt, and ena's hair salon.) and the landlord is the only one with a key. so... i phoned shannen, then she phoned the landlord, then the landlord woke up, then the landlord got herself dressed and had no idea how to fix the alarm. but in the end she showed up, (thanks. barbara!) and we got the three alarms to shut off. the weird thing was, i didnt burn anything, this time. and nothing was on fire! weird.

but thats not all.

today during service, busy day loads of customers in and out. the power cuts out, and the alarm blows again! what?!
turns out our coffee machine wasnt connected right and blew the main power switch, which resulted in complete cut off to us and enas hair salon. what a mess.

electrician on wednesday. hope he can fix us up! we got the cafe going again in the end. but, theres nothing like a bit o drama, to stir up a bit of fun to an already busy day!

im glad i wasnt there. maybe shannen will elaborate later? just thought i would report.

over and out.


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