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Thursday, March 25, 2010

yeah just quadruple the butter!

so its the first night baking bread and croissants for the year. and i think i put way too much butter in the croissants! theres another one in the oven just to make sure.... cause the one i just had was like a plug of butter!

we had our opening party/exhibition tonight. it was PACKED! its great to know we have loyal supporters out there! we served prosecco punch with wild flower cordial, blood orange spritzers, L.A. lite cupcakes, croistini, mexican chocolate cake , and couldnt keep the plates full!
we sold loads of art, which 20% of sales go to the little lambs school india that shannen volunteered at with my neice madison. so i think we accomplished alot!

so far the croissant looks perfect....

at the moment im waiting to pull the potato loaf out of the oven. also for tomorrow theres, our delicious diva house loaf, butter blossoms(pretty blossom bread rolls for soup), bread sticks, rosemary olive bread with maldon sea salt, and of course irish brown bread.
im leaving the puff pastry for tomorrow nights work. thinking about a pear and honey pastry.....

the croissant is much better! im still going to decrease the butter layer a bit, so we dont send anyone into cardiac arrest! so for now they are even more butter delish than they ever will be....
next time i might just triple the butter?


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