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Monday, March 15, 2010

painting floors

floor paint is something else altogether! a stinky tar consistency, (liquid plastic) that after while gives you a funny feeling of well being and happiness. i should probably wear a mask next time! it looks good though, just have to leave it for two days then finish the stencil border. we are trying to save janes bautiful stencil work from last year, without having to redo it. so its a bit tedious. luckily the cafe is small enough. it took around 3 hours. glad its over!

im looking forward to the opening party on the 25th. there'll be some great art and yummy food. im also looking forward to actually baking as a JOB again, not just at home. the recipe testing is alot of fun, though. i think the new schedule is really going to work. and ill get to bake undesturbed, instead of trying to get everything done during opening hours, and help customers. maybe more time to be inventive!

im going to go come down off these paint fumes now.

heres a pic from last year of the stencil work we are trying to save


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