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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gluten makes miracles

i dont know why gluten is getting a bad rap these days....?
theres nothing medically proven that shows gluten being linked to heart desease, or anything else. except with people who are allergic. maybe its not gluten that we should blame...

this is just a theory (with some evidence), but i think gluten allergies are just one of the many consiquences for eating over proccessed foods. humans have only recently begun messing with molecular structures in our foods. and now more and more people are discovering illnesses related to those foods. but for millenia we have been eating gluten, think of pasta, i mean really! pitas, sourdoughs, .... they've been there for awhile.
as for homogenized milk, gm foods, hormoned stuff meat, over proccessed wheat: they have not.
so is gluten to blame?
maybe its ourselves , or maybe our choice to make food something that it was never meant to be...
shelf stable, flavorless, lacking vital enzymes, nutritionally barren, jetsetting, and ethically scary

thats my rant today.

i was just so over come by the beauty of tonights bread, i had to say something on its behalf.


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