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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

test day 1 complete

so we made a few dough balls, a funky danish, and baby sandwich loaves. the most unexpected tribulation was a huge potatoe gobb! shannens idea, we used maris pipers not russets, maybe thats why it turned to a glob. i had her put twice as much flour in as the recipe, and its .... rising as we speak. fingers crossed!

our major success was the croissant! so good. crusty golden and flaky soft on the inside. just going to bump up the portion size next time. we ate the samples, so we good only take a pic of one. : )
our house loaf came out perfect as tried and true its been. the olive loaf is chewy and moist, also too small.
going to try the traditional danish recipe next. shortcuts dont always make better pastry!

its all apart of the proccess. which in hindsight we covered alot of ground and have a better idea of what we are in for. thinking about changing the baking to a night shift instead of a 2 am shift!

will be posting a pic soon! now what do we do with all of this bread? .....




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