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Saturday, June 5, 2010

its all in the retail placement....

so funny discovery and a great tip for retail sales. put what you want people to buy right in front of them! since we've been baking bread its always lived on top of our pastry case. the sales have been just okay. BUT, we moved them on thursday to the sales counter, and bam they are gone gone gone! its a good feeling and a lesson in retail. . . .
play around with you retail space and use ALL of it! the bread has always been there, it was just out of the impulse buying range.

baking tip:
when mixing cake batter CREAM the living crap out of your butter and sugar, first: leave the stand mixer going at med speed and go have a smoke, or do some dishes, or watch a bit of QVC, or get the mail. the more air you incorporate into this stage of your cake batter the higher and lighter the cake will be. ten minutes is a good time. then slowly add your eggs one at a time to the mixture. scrape the bowl and alternate your dry with your wet ingredients till a light creamy mixture is accomplished.



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