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Saturday, July 24, 2010

the truth about cupcakes....

everyone is tired of seeing cupcakes everywhere. but really we all want one of our own. the perfect personal dessert, to feel both, fancy and wholesome. and the combinations are limitless, just made some Ruby red grapefruit cupcakes with lemonade icing, before that it was caramel apple with maple buttercream!

stick that in your mouth and eat it!



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diva Boutique Bakery Nights!

Handmade Pasta Raviolli w/ Organic beetroot Cashel Blue Filling
& Brown Butter Sage Sauce €10

Rump Steak w/Tuscan Bread Salad and Rocket Pesto €18

Barberry Duck Breast with Blueberry Sauce, Puy Lentils, and Roasted Local Root Veg €21

and there was much more! dont miss the next, Diva Nights! (thurs-fri evenings till 10pm)

Dessert was: Local chilled Blueberry Soup w/ Vanilla bean Meringues or Orange Hazelnut Cheesecake w/ Local Blessed Bee honey and lavender buds.



Friday, July 9, 2010

evening menu..., this is what i have so far for the menu tonight...

Panzanella, italian bread salad, with stuffed squash blossoms...
Working on a organic beet root and cashel blue ravioli, with a walnut sauce
Lamb skewers, chicken satay, and pork skewer's...
vegetarian bruschetta... and a strawberry organic spinach salad..
Plus the burgers..beef and lamb...will see how that goes!!!
fingers crossed we will have it all gone at the end of the night...