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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

white bread!

so after a push from many, im starting a new bread on the daily bake. i am really against pure white bread, but people actually want to buy it! so im going to give it a go, but not without holding on to some of my whole grain beliefs! im making the bread with bulghar wheat. its still going to look white, but have more fiber and protein for a healthier white loaf. tonight is the first run, so im all ears to what people think about it.

also i'm venturing on the natural sourdough starter route, (as opposed to dried yeast.) ill be making the sourdough from wild ballinspittle yeasts and orgainc grapes. it takes a couple weeks to get the sourdough running at full speed, so patience is needed! look out for the new Ballinspittle Sourdough !
bread is fun

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Boss is away

the mice come out to play!
no really. we'll miss her for the next two weeks. she's off to seattle for a visit. hopefully the cafe will be functional while shes gone. tomorrow is the first shannen-less dinner at diva. and if anyone is wondering is the menu will be just as exciting.... it will! so hope to see loads of people flocking through the doors for dinner! not as if we've been having any problems with that. its been jammers for the last 3 weeks, nearly everyone is getting full time hours. and we are just squeaking by with production. there might even be another diva expansion in the works!? keep it quiet though. all i can say is more space!
lets hope shannen keeps us posted through the blog on any exciting new things going on in the North West! or maybe any fun market research she gets to indulge in!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Pudding

summer fruit pudding, with white choc earl grey truffle

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Would you care to see the dessert menu?

Slow Baked Meringue w/ Dark Chocolate Mousse center, Vanilla Creme Anglaise, Candied Mint Leaves

Local Berry Pecan Shortcake w/ macerated raspberry and blueberries, vanilla creme

I am enjoying Diva Nights in the cafe, making new desserts is a lot of fun. getting the creative drive going again! tonight im soaking a tradtional summer pudding terrine with fresh peaches, white fleshed nectarines, vanilla bean, and local blueberries, serving it up with a berry coulis and an earl grey white chocolate truffle.



Once again, I am sorry for not blogging more frequently, but we have been busy, busy, busy! I don't now what has happened, but people are coming out of nowhere...and it's been great! our evenings at Diva have been very good as well...better than I have imagined... and it's a nice change for us at the cafe to be doing something a little different than our daytime schtick..I think that Taylor is loving doing the plated desserts, and I am really enjoying making up the menu for the 2 nights... last week we had a beautiful prawn ravioli with a ginger-chili cream was DEE-LISH! Kevin worked his magic on the sauce... we also served a gorgeous stuffed aubergine with bulgar, feta and pistashio.. the produce that we have been getting from Horizon farms has been top notch... I know that you have heard me say this before, but i have found a blueberry provider in the Mahon Point market,this is the first time in ireland that I have come across a blueberry farmer, and they are tasty... I have a few new ideas for tomorrow, I ordered a tortilla press from the states, so I am going to try to make corn tortilla's from regular corn meal, not masa, we will see how that goes...if it goes well then thurs and friday night we will be having handmade tortilla's to serve with our Yukatan pork chops!....will post the menu tomorrow... :)
Oh yeah, I think that Taylor made a summer berry pudding with vanilla bean, white nectarines and fresh berries...YUM!