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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Boss is away

the mice come out to play!
no really. we'll miss her for the next two weeks. she's off to seattle for a visit. hopefully the cafe will be functional while shes gone. tomorrow is the first shannen-less dinner at diva. and if anyone is wondering is the menu will be just as exciting.... it will! so hope to see loads of people flocking through the doors for dinner! not as if we've been having any problems with that. its been jammers for the last 3 weeks, nearly everyone is getting full time hours. and we are just squeaking by with production. there might even be another diva expansion in the works!? keep it quiet though. all i can say is more space!
lets hope shannen keeps us posted through the blog on any exciting new things going on in the North West! or maybe any fun market research she gets to indulge in!


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