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Friday, July 15, 2011

Diva open tonight

Last night we had a great night..... a 7 top and a few 2 tops with a 4 top thrown in, perfect for breaking in slowly...I think everyone enjoyed their fact one customer said they were pleasantly surprised with the quality of food we were serving...
On that note, I would like to take a few seconds to explain the ethos at Diva..nothing too fancy, just good fresh food...the plates don't match as well as the tables, the chairs are all different, so is the cutlery, glasses, cups and saucers...but what you do get is good prices for the quality of food served..the menu is mostly organic and locally sourced, we like to keep things simple but different, using lots of fresh herbs for flavour...
So if you are interested pop in! We are serving Thurs and Fri from roughly 6-9:45(ish)...

Hand made crab ravioli

Roasted hake with apricot salsa

Grilled veggie stack with buffalo mozzarella


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