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Monday, March 29, 2010

Elaborating on Taylor's post...

Yes, taylor was right!!! what a bloody nightmare...the one good thing was everyone in the cafe had their food...we also have a gas stove, so we were still able to cook most items on the the dark, in silence...not the best...but thanks to Diva's great customers, they understood! And on top of that my electrician in shining armour came to save the day, i thought for sure we would have to colse...but what happened next was out of the blue!!
We got SWAMPED! i am not joking, i couldn't believe the amount of people that were here on Sunday, i thought that we would be busy, but nothing like it was...sold out of everything! Thanks to the kitchen satff for getting creative with what we had left to sell...and my daughter,Madison, who was fasting that day and a bit light headed, she did a grerat job given the circumstances...
So, that is the first weekend under our belts!! YAY, it's all downhill from here.
Oh, yes, and thank you Barbara for coming down at 1 a.m to turn the alarm off...
Now, back to the opening party...what a success!! thank you to all who came and to all of the artist's who participated...the art was brilliant...
on the food side of things we served our new "Diva Lite" cupcake, mini mexican chocolate cake and some bruschetta made with our lovely wheaten loaf...we also served a blood ornge lemonade and a prosecco punch with Forage and Find's, Wild Gorse cordial! It was de'lish...
Ok, that's me done for now, I have to go and proof the new menu, ring the insurance company in regards to the break in, go to the bank, ring my accountant, pressure wash the rubbish bins, do the recycling, go to the kinsale advertiser to put in a new ad for the week, clean my house, make dinner...hmmmm, you get the idea....also working on my next blog item.."The hidden costs of a cafe" so, for those of you who are interested in having a cafe, this one will be for you!
TTFN...(ta ta for now)



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