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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

white bread!

so after a push from many, im starting a new bread on the daily bake. i am really against pure white bread, but people actually want to buy it! so im going to give it a go, but not without holding on to some of my whole grain beliefs! im making the bread with bulghar wheat. its still going to look white, but have more fiber and protein for a healthier white loaf. tonight is the first run, so im all ears to what people think about it.

also i'm venturing on the natural sourdough starter route, (as opposed to dried yeast.) ill be making the sourdough from wild ballinspittle yeasts and orgainc grapes. it takes a couple weeks to get the sourdough running at full speed, so patience is needed! look out for the new Ballinspittle Sourdough !
bread is fun


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