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Thursday, July 21, 2011

New items in the bakery!

Just a little update. The deli side of the business has been doing quite well, and this week I have increased our stock from The Real Olive Co.. We have received a new brand of Manchego, a new olive oil, more olives(this week we have stuffed green olives) and we have the fresh buffalo mozzarella and semi sundried tomatoes back in stock! So, if you are planning a picnic at the beach please stop in and check us out.. We have also increased our bread production...It takes us 2-3 days to make an increase, as we start the biga 2 days before the actual bread is baked...for those of you that don't know, the reason why our bread is so tasty, is to do with the process of making the bread...the bread is actually formed in the afternoon the day before it is baked..then left in a cool fridge to do a slow rise overnight, to be baked in the morning...
Enjoy the sun!


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