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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursadays can be depressing...

I know many of you out there will be saying to yourselves "Why can Thurdays be depressing Shannen??" well....let me tell you

This time of year when we re-open, our Monday is Thursday, and if it is rainy...well you all know what a rainy Monday is being a cafe owner, and only open 4 days a week you really want your stuff to sell...taylor was in last night baking his little butt off and so far today we have sold only 2 loaves of bread...bummer you may say....however ,i am going to be optomistic!! over the weekend we sold about 6 loaves a day plus all of our day old bread...not bad...only 34 more loaves a day to reach our goal..

on a more positive we had a DEAD and i mean DEAD morning, but all of the sudden...BAM! people came outta no where...and the great thing is, a good few of those people i have never seen before in the cafe, so hopefully that means the word is spreading...i made a big ass pot of broccoli and cheddar soup..sold out!! wow...I was happy about that...

we have a beautiful Hummingbird cake today, and that is going quite, so far this thursday is looking much better than last thursday, as we speak...we are up quite a bit from last week and we still have an hour and 15 min left of bread selling time!!!!

one interesting thing, one of my regular customer's only just noticed our big bread display on top of the cake case...he has been in a good few times since we opened and only just saw it...i think i need to start!

ttfn....peace out



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