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Friday, October 15, 2010

a note: on the joy of preferments

we've had customers coming in with great feedback on our breads and their shelf life.

its great to hear that practice proves worthwhile!

we start almost all of our breads with a preferment the day before baking. this is a mixture of flours and yeast thats aloud to sit and ferment and devlop vital acid and flavour in the breads. the acids developed in the preferments, lead to a longer and natural shelflife to our breads, WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES! its another step in a long process of great bread baking, but its worth it.

some of our breads if stored in an airtight container will still taste fresh after 3 days of slicing. the new ballinspittle sourdough barely dries out after 2 days of slicing.

thats just super!

we've been complimented on the consitency and size of our loaves (1.5 pounds average!) as well. proving that the average €4 price point is a worthwile investment! for a longlasting bread. if they go stale theres loads of uses, too: bread pudding, croutons, crostini, bread crumbs. (will post recipes in future)

thanks for the support of all our loyal bread customers! we cant make this happen without you!



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