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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Win our Yule Log Cake!

We are having a contest to see who can guess -"How many eggs were used to make this entire Christmas Yule Log Cake! " (including the meringue mushrooms)

the winner receives this entire Christmas Yule Log Cake! thats right! Free Cake!

this cake is one of the many unique and special offerings we will be making this christmas season!

to enter, just send us your guess as a message on Facebook WITH your telephone number. or email us - with your guess and telephone number.

if you are in the cafe pop your guess and telephone number into the pink cupcake jar we'll have for the contest.

the winner will be posted on facebook and we'll also give you your congratulatory phone call midday on sunday the 7th. (we are unable to deliver the winnings)

cake description:

chiffon swiss roll cake with coffee buttercream, chocolate almond bark, pistacio moss, and meringue mushrooms!



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